OEM Parts are manufactured by OEM Suppliers to the order of Automobile Companies according to OEM specification and also are tested under their standard specification and quality control.  

The quality is same to Genuine Parts and the only different thing is their package itself.  The price is generally more competitive than Genuine Parts.

All of parts are not available to supply with this OEM Parts because in case of some of parts, the right of patent and design is belongs to Automobile Companies.  Available OEM Parts are as follows.

1. Electrical Products : Alternator, Starter Motor, Distributor etc.

2. Climate Control Products: Compressor, Condenser, Radiator, Evaporator

3. Suspension Products: Shock absorber, Suspension strut, Gas Spring

4. Brake Products : Caliper brake, Drum brake, Brake disc/pad/shoe

5. Steering Products: Rack & pinion gear box,Ball& nut gear box,U/Joint

6. Fast Moving Parts & Miscellaneous Parts: Bumpers, Lamps, Filters, Belts, Water Pumps, Piston & Pin, ring etc.

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